Summer Traditions.


Summer has officially begun here at the Anderson house. We are already into the second week of June and Thursday is Alec's last day at school - the end of the preschool era for him! To celebrate summer's start, we brought out the poster board and made our annual Summer List.
We did this last year and it was such a fun project to do as well as to look over and cross things off as the summer went on. All three of us listed things we wanted to do this summer, some fun, some "to-do" items, and some just random-if-we-get-to-it stuff. You can see, the boy is very proud of the creation...

Because of the gigantic artwork (notice the little stick-figure family) we opted to put only some things on the actual poster board and keep a running list of everything else. So here it is, the official, ever-changing, and most likely will not all happen...

50(ish) SUMMER THINGS...

make pinwheels
tie dye shirts
make rain sticks
make ribbon streamers
paint pet rocks
make a pinata for Alec's birthday
make goo-blec or homemade playdoh with sparkles in it
make plant pot wind chimes
create mini-me art work
work on a family summer scrapbook
have and host game night
play with sprinklers, slip & slide, & squirt guns
have a water balloon fight
fly kites
ride bikes - hopefully get Alec's training wheels off
bake colorburst cupcakes
build a lego table
play with sidewalk chalk
have field day games
go to the free movie festival
go bowling
learn to swim without swimmies (Alec that is)
join the summer reading program at the library
play tennis & rqt. ball
visit cape may
visit the baltimore planetarium, imax and science center
ride go carts
go to frountier town or killians water parks
celebrate a 5-year birthday
read my camera manual again
have a scrapbooking day/evening
go golfing
build a trellis planter
finish the kitchen
finish the outside of the house
go to bush gardens or water country
have a "going to kindergarten" celebration
visit with friends
participate in muffin-tin-monday
make ice cream & have a marble slab party
break out the sewing machine and make a camera strap and cloth napkins
learn elements (preferably before my class starts)
celebrate our 7-year anniversary
start practicing with bento lunches
make a book list for paperback swap

have play dates
Jet Skiis

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