Comedy at its finest.


Alec is telling jokes now. And, boy will he will laugh, he thinks he is hilarious! They go something like this...

Alec: "Daddy, how did the pumpkin get in the boys pants?"
Ave: "How?"
Alec: "Because he had poop on his nose! Ahhhh, hahahaha"


Alec: "knock, knock"
Me: "who's there?"
Alec: "knock, knock"
Me: "who's there?"
Alec: "switch"
Me: "switch who?"
Alec: "switch who bumped his head and fell in the towel. AHHHhhahahahah!"

Dane Cook - watch out!

I remember my brother doing this, laughing and laughing at himself even though the jokes made no sense. I also remember that moment, riding in the car on the way to dinner, that very moment when he told his first joke that made sense. The shock was overwhelming. My brother is still telling jokes and mostly now they all have a true punchline. It will be interesting to see if Alec's comedy blossoms in the same way.


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