Silly string, slip-n-slide, and magic wands?


What does silly string a slip-n-slide and magic wands all have in common? My day with the boys. Alec and his buddy together for a couple of hours on a ridiculously hot July morning.

We started with the silly string which was surprisingly hard to get out of the containers. Neither got any in the face or eyes so I consider it a success.

We moved on to the slip-n-slide, which is just plain fun. No one got hurt so I consider it a big success.

We finished off with what I was calling magic fairy wands. I cut a dowel in half and drilled a hole in it. The boys helped thread some strips of fabric through all while I was telling them about the magic fairy dust I had sprinkled on them. In about 10 seconds of use they declared that I was incorrect, they were NOT fairy wands but WHIPS instead. No one got whipped or hit with the dowel. I consider this a huge success.

Ahhh, all that running around in the 90 degree heat and 100% humidity means a nice cold drink from the hose.

Yumm, what a great time.


Kitty in the Corner.


Leopard Kitty was bad today. She pushed Avery's little doggy and had to be punished by sitting in the corner.

When it was time to get out of the corner Alec asked her, "Leopard Kitty, are you ready to behave?" she responded with an apparently definitive "NO", so Alec had to have a discussion about pushing with her.

This is how it gets passed down from generation to generation... between silent giggles, what I noticed is just how much Alec sounds like MY MOM!



This weekend, this boy...


... learned how to float on his back in the pool, held his nose and went under for the first time (willingly), tried a McDonald's milkshake, AND rode his bike with no training wheels!

It was a big weekend here for andersilliams. We had an old friend in town which led to some golf and secrets time for he and ave.

While the boys were out and after a particularly harrowing display of scooter-prowess by Alec, I decided if he had the kind of cat-like balance he was displaying on the two-wheeled scooter he should certainly be able to ride his bike with no training wheels.

And sure enough.

I put this long "bike training handle" on the back so I could jog along behind and hang on, then we went out to the street, he hopped on and off we went. He kept looking back at me saying "mommy let go, mommy LET GO". So I did.

And that was it.

I expected some long painful story. I thought for sure this would be something he needed to practice at, fall a few times, swear off riding for the summer. Nope, he just rode it like he had been all summer. Other than two nice hits to the knee (a little how-to on starting and stopping fixed that) he rode like a champ.

This is exactly how potty-training was too. One day I just stopped putting him in diapers - that's it, end of story. No drama, no fights, no peeing on the floor, or bed, or couch - no nothing. Just like the bike, when the time is right, I guess it just works.


Summer List Midpoint.


Unbelievably we are flying through the summer, the midpoint means another look at our previously devised Summer List. Since Alec begged me to go back to school we have had much less time together to do some of the artsy things. No worries though, a list is a list and not a "half-to".

Here are our summer "accomplishments"!

50(ish) SUMMER THINGS...

make pinwheels
tie dye shirts
make rain sticks
make ribbon streamers
paint pet rocks
make a pinata for Alec's birthday
make goo-blec or homemade playdoh with sparkles in it
make plant pot wind chimes
create mini-me art work
work on a family summer scrapbook
have and host game night
play with sprinklers, slip & slide, & squirt guns
have a water balloon fight
fly kites
ride bikes - hopefully get Alec's training wheels off
bake colorburst cupcakes
build a lego table
play with sidewalk chalk
have field day games
go to the free movie festival
go bowling
learn to swim without swimmies (Alec that is)
join the summer reading program at the library
play tennis & rqt. ball
visit cape may
visit the baltimore planetarium, imax and science center
ride go carts
go to frontier town or killians water parks
celebrate a 5-year birthday
read my camera manual again
have a scrapbooking day/evening
go golfing
build a trellis planter
finish the kitchen
finish the outside of the house
go to bush gardens or water country
have a "going to kindergarten" celebration
visit with friends
participate in muffin-tin-monday
make ice cream & have a marble slab party
break out the sewing machine and make a camera strap and cloth napkins
learn elements (preferably before my class starts)
celebrate our 7-year anniversary
start practicing with bento lunches
make a book list for paperback swap
have play dates
Go Jet Skiing


A new favorite.


The newest favorite vehicle.


From Jedi Master to Batman.


Our BBQ brought more gifts for the boy, a slip-n-slide, and some good family time.

This must be the time of dress-up because the more costumes we have around the house the better.


Jedi Training


The Jedi party was a huge success. Alec was beside himself with excitement just to have all his friends at our house.

We started with Jedi costumes with each child's first initial to set the mood...

Gave them all water noodles light sabers and had them pop a big pile of balloons.

Then Darth Vader showed up and was attacked by water balloons

and light sabers.

After Darth there was a Death Star Pinata that was demolished so fast that we only got a photo of the candy aftermath.

Then there was pizza and cake...

and singing...

...and gifts.6 crazy kids at my house, waaayy too much candy and sugar, a few sparse tears, and it was a absolute - total - blast!


Happy 5-Years!


5 years ago right now I was...

oh, never mind that painful story, it was all worth it. Look what I got!
Happy 5 years little meatball!

We are holding Jedi Training for 6 of Alec's friends here at our house tonight.
I will post photos soon but here is a little sneak peek as to what is in store for the young Jedi's...

Light Sabers
(yep, you ARE looking at pool noodles and duct tape)

A death star

Jedi Costumes, and a visit from Darth Vader!

Wish us luck!


Trip down Memory Lane: Four Years Old


Florida (7th Flight)

1st ER Trip


Trip down Memory Lane: Three Years Old


SanDiego - 6th flight

Alec & Sofie

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