5 years of Halloween Costumes


at 3 months... Baby Bo
at 1 year... The mighty chicken

at 2 years... A red lego

at 3 years... A fierce dragon

at 4 years... The ever-famous
Rockem' Sockem' Boogie Blower

And this year...


The Scarecrow and the Sleepy Pumpkin Patch


And... a sick little boy. Alec woke in the middle of last night sick with a fever, croupy cough, and this morning some significant breathing issues. None the less, he was adamant that he go to school. It was his first performance and as nervous as he was he did not want to miss it.

So, I introduce you to The Scarecrow and the Sleepy Pumpkin Patch...

He did a great job even through burning eyes, a nasty cough, and gasping for breath.


Halloween Preparations


We fell a bit behind this year (shocker I know) and still have yet to carve a pumpkin. Regardless we have managed to do some small ghostly preparations.

We made these cute little glass votive holders...

We hung up paper bats all over our house and made a crockpot full of meatballs along with 50 cupcakes for the fall program and luncheon that is today.

Hopefully we will get to the pumpkin tomorrow.


Welcome Back.


Wow, it has been a while since we posted with any regularity. We are still busy adjusting to the rigors of getting up and out of the house every day of the week. It has been a solid 5+ years that I have had to make sure that I am up, showered, dressed, and coffee'd before 8am and clearly I am slow to remember that archaic skill-set. And, since Alec is in school across town only until noon I have been dropping him off and just going to my office to work on grading and class preparation. Then, when I pick him up we have a 2 hour social time on the playground. While I have never been so caught up with my classes, at home no laundry gets done, no cleaning gets done, and most importantly no blog posting is getting done.

Today however may mark the change of all that...in blog posting at least. Today, Alec stayed for his first all-day (9-3pm). Most importantly in our world that means HE STAYS FOR LUNCH. I have to say, even though we had some initial struggle with the school administration they have really come around. I feel totally comfortable now that he is safe and the teacher is and will be prepared for managing lunch. And, the parents at this school totally rock - they have all gone way out of their way to make sure Alec is taken care of. I can't imagine a better kindergarten experience for both Alec and I. Assuming today goes well and he enjoys staying we might make it a weekly or bi-weekly event. Whereupon, I might actually be able to get something done around here.


For Today...


Outside my window... rainy and brown from all the open dirt piles in our yard (landscaping is underway)

I am thinking... I really need to get my schedule straight so I can resume posting on a regular basis

I am thankful for... a day off from Kindergarten. Alec and I hanging in our PJ's just playing, relaxing, and getting some much needed laundry done

I am wearing... flannel PJ's

I am creating... a web site, Halloween costumes, a photo album for a friend, and getting organized for the fall scrapbooking weekend.

I am going... to have a great weekend, Wine-Fest, Salisbury Symphony, and Corvette Show

I am reading... too many books at once

I am hoping... to finish my ME the abridged version book soon

I am noticing that... Alec is getting too old too fast. I feel like I am clinging to the few full days we now have together.

I am proud of... My son who got three shots yesterday. While it did take three of us to hold him down, he still managed to make it through.

Around the house... I hear the clicking of Alec cranking up his bat wings, the dryer, and the radio upstairs

A picture to share...

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