Purge is the word.


New Years Eve 2008 seems like as good a time as any to reflect on the year past and consider what this next one will hold.

One of the many New Year projects flying around on the blogosphere is to choose a word to guide your year instead of a list of resolutions. I instantly knew what it was for me: Purge.

Purge the excess sugar, fat, and body weight
Purge the grumpiness
Purge the clutter
Purge the bad habits
Purge the excess purchases
Purge the obligations
Purge the unfinished projects

Get out from under this oppressive blanket of too much and purge. What about yours? Do you have a word that pops to mind?


Merry Merry!


We hope your Christmas was as exciting as ours!


Sneak Peek...


A little something that will be under our tree. Just what a little boy needs - a craft box. Complete with crayons, sparkly balls, sticky notes, pipe cleaners, tongue depressors, clips, pencils, glue, crazy scissors, hole punch, protractor, and more. The perfect accompaniment to the Ikea easel that will also be stuffed under the tree.


Cutting... Cutting...


It's in! We have a door and a real working mudroom now. Unfortunately this is where our contractors stop and bid us farewell. Mudding, painting, and laying floors are next on the "to-do" list. That is not even the hard part - the worst of it will be getting our disaster of a garage to a place where we can actually pull a car or two in.


Advent Activity: Gingerbread Houses


Ok, ok, I cheated, these are the smaller and easier version - graham crackers. Honestly I would have just purchased the kit but of course, none are safe for Alec. I considered making the "real" thing but 3 days prep during this already insanely busy time had me running for the box of Nabisco Cinnamon Grahams.

Regardless, this is the best way to get rid of all that extra Halloween candy. Alec totally and completely LOVED doing this. He keeps saying "Mommy, I LOVE MY HOUSE and Mommy, I LOVE THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD". He always enjoys the crafty stuff and that in combination with a boat-load of candy seems to be a winning combination.


Dear Santa,

Yesterday in Alec's advent calendar was a suggestion to write a letter to Santa. Fortunately we happened to have an english professor in the house (thanks G'ma Yoni). The list has 4 things, some decorations and of corse the obligatory Happy Laegel

1. the big green garbage truck with two recycling bin
2. John Deere Gator
3. a gas pedal car
4. a little Jeep


He even included a list for Ave and I. For Mommy: a puppy. For Daddy: the same puppy and really BIG.


Mudroom Drywall


It is big - 14.5 ft x 6 ft. Crazy that we can still fit 2 cars in the garage. That is, assuming we actually organized all the other crap very important lawn, Christmas, baby, and kitchen supplies (from our yet unfinished kitchen).


Mudroom Framing


Here it is! One of the many things we have wanted since we moved in to this house - a MUDROOM!! It is strange that this house was built with no way to move from the garage into the house without going outside. And since that tree fell on us we have no gutters so it is particularly annoying now.

We hired someone to do the framing knowing full well it would remain in a state of half-finish if we did it. Ave and I will finish the project with insulation, drywall, and flooring. With any luck we will have this done and ready by Christmas. I will post drywall photos soon.

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