A step toward total independence.


Since the new birthday bike Alec has been begging to ride around the block "all by myself!" After much deliberation, about 600 rules, and a few nights of putting him off we allowed it.



Whew, that was a LONG 5 minutes!

I am not so sure I like the independence so much.


A thank you note.


On Alec's birthday we gave him a new bike first thing in the morning. Later on that afternoon he presented me with this wrapped package.

On the inside was a card. The outside,
and the inside,

and the gift.
Funny it was a thank you from him but I couldn't help being overwhelmingly thankful myself.


A 6th Birthday


A new bike first thing in the morning...

then a requested breakfast in bed...

a bit later, meatball subs and the golden snitch...

and finally, a pool party with all the buddies.


Phonetic Birthday List Answers


Here are the answers:

1. Big Ball of Backugan
2. Nerf Gun
3. Boy Love
4. How to Train a Dragon Wii
5. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii (I am truly impressed at how close this one got)
6. Toy Light Sabers
7. Rubber Teeth

How close did you get?


Phonetic Birthday List.


We have been cranking on the Summer Bingo which Alec loves! He has been diligently saving his tickets for the illusive lego kit. This last week one of the bingo tasks was to make a birthday wish list. Alec is very interested in practicing his writing and does just about every day so this was a good chance for him to spell phonetically.

Can you get read it? How close can you get?

Answers Soon.


The 4th.


We had an awesome weekend! We spent all of Saturday at Roaring Point with the Kennedy's, Grimm's, Meltons, and Milad's. We were able to swim and barring one nasty Jellyfish attack, the water was perfect.

Then we packed up and headed to Ocean City for the night. Games until 2am, one kid up at 3am and the rest up at 6 was a nightmare but we still managed to get to the beach the next day and even found ourselves a couple of Mermen!

Then again we packed up and headed back to the Grimm's for an awesome dinner and some fireworks.
Despite what this photo looks like, we did NO relaxing. But the weekend was fantastic and totally worth no sleep!


Twilight Eclipse


On Tuesday Lael and I got all dressed up and headed out to the premiere night for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. We went for the movie marathon, all three. Twilight, New Moon and then just after midnight, Eclipse. It was so cool getting to hang with Lael for the night, even though she is an Edward fan :)
Never in my life have I ever been so obsessed with anything. I have read all the books multiple times, watched the movies countless times, and it just never gets old. As most movies-from-books go, I am always kind of disappointed with how they are in comparison to the books. But, in this case, it almost adds another dimension to the books. And Eclipse was the best yet.

And seriously, what is not to like.

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