100 Days


Our school had a big celebration for the 100th day of school. All the kids were asked to do a project displaying 100 items in some way. That's all the instruction they got - 100 items. Not a problem for Alec, he knew from moment one that he wanted to do 100 volcano's. He is still totally fascinated with all things lava and after our Imax presentation on the ring of fire that is exactly what he wanted to do.

A trip to the education store was all we needed. And, can I just say WOW, that place makes me want to homeschool, or at least buy all the stuff for homeschooling :) We got a map, poster board, and 100 little red pins. Pacific Ring of Fire... here we go.

And what a cute little presentation they all did...


Snow Days


Alec has had 1 day of school in the last two weeks. And, I am betting the rest of this week we will be off as well. I seriously should have just homeschooled this year, that way at least I would have some plan of occupying our time trapped in the house.

With no plan, we have played in the snow, made some random trips to the grocery store and library, and had a couple of play dates. But, mostly, we have spent our days at the table listening to Magic Tree House audio books and doing art work.

which he loves to wrap up and give to us...

Magic Tree House books are just about his favorite thing in the world and he would (and does) listen to these books all day long. He even likes to make his own version of the books....

I think that is a pretty good way to spend the day :)


This week: Write a Love Note


Valentines Day. This week, resist the retailers full-court-press of spend, spend, spend, and instead write, write, write. Read about the history of Valentine's Day and instead of purchasing the obligatory chocolates, cards, and candies take out a sheet of paper and write an "old skool" letter. Address it and put it in the mail to a loved one. Doesn't matter to whom you write just make it a true confession of love, acknowledgment or heartfelt praise. The art of letter writing is gone, it is time to rekindle an old love.

As a very significant side note, today is Averill's 36th year of life. I can think of no other man more deserving of total and complete acknowledgment. You Rock Sweetie, Happy Birthday!


Plumbing Problems.


These photos don't even show how the shower now has no ceiling.

Studs, headers, and drywall all soaked. Took three hours to find the problem and still is not fixed.


This week: Get in Touch


February, the month of love. This week get in touch with someone you have lost contact with. Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Myspace accounts or just the good old-fashioned phone. Call them or email them and rekindle an old relationship. If they are local, meet up for coffee or a meal, however you get connected is fine just do it - no excuses!

Who are you calling?

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