We spoke too soon.


How come that knocking-on-wood business doesn't work? Here we are back on the Neb. and just a few days after bragging that we have gone without all season.


52 Blessings: Week 4


Socially Conscious Friends.

It is so nice to have friends and family that are interested in the greater good. Averill and I are blessed with so many people in our lives that not only talk about but DO things to make a difference. The other night on Diane's birthday we all watched the video Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore put together in the spirit of change. We made our own, here they are...

-I pledge to purchase no more bottled water
-I pledge to mentor
-I pledge to convert all my lights from incandescent to CF bulbs
-I pledge to cycle to work 3 x each week during cycling season

-I pledge to be kind to myself
-I pledge to only buy green cleaning and bath products
-I pledge to grow vegetables in my yard
-I pledge to insulate the house and install a white roof
-I pledge to move from "I want" to "I need"

-I pledge to use no more plastic bags from stores
-I pledge to compost
-I pledge to be kind to myself
-I pledge to support local farms and businesses & to start a garden

-I pledge to speak up and assert myself when I would normally be silent
-I pledge to finish unfinished projects
-I pledge to convert all incandescent's to CF bulbs

There they are; some easy, some hard. We each attempted to list a change that would be easy to do and a change that would be harder, one that pushed us out of our comfort zone.

What about you all? Do you want to join us? Watch the video and make your own pledge. As a family we can support each other. What's your pledge?




It's Snowing!!!


Happy Birthday Diane.


Diane's Birthday is always a blast and this year was no exception. We hope 36 is good to you girlie!


52 Blessings: Weeks 3


Change. Maybe obvious, maybe cliche. Regardless, this week change is at the top of our list for what to be thankful for. Welcome Obama Family, it is about time.


Private Schools #1 and #2.


I mentioned before that we are "shopping" for kindergartens. Last week we looked at our first two private schools.

Private School #1 observations:

1. Expensive

2. Very "soft" with regards to structure. The kids can participated in a variety of activities all at varying times. For example, they can visit the school library whenever they choose and as often as they want. Most schools have a library time once a week.

3. The principal was very eager to show off the school and classrooms even though I came unannounced but seemed to have a vague idea as to how each class was run.

4. The kindergarten class has 2 teachers and 1 parent volunteer every day. With only 25 children in the class that is a great teacher to student ratio.

5. Allergy at first glance - the principal seemed to be sure that it would be a non issue with regards to accommodations and believes that the very close knit parent structure would be an asset.

My gut on this school: I like the structure and "feel" here but like the principal at Public School #1 the best.

Private School #2: observations:

Not even worth mentioning, I did not like this school from the moment I walked in.


Ice Skating.


I think Alec would enjoy any sport that requires you to wear blades on your body and one where you try to go as fast as you can before you totally wipe out. We all had a blast. Alec only gave up when the two blisters on his ankle bones started impacting his speed.



Best of all... BLADES!


52 Blessings: Weeks 1 & 2


Averill and I are participating in 52 blessings this year. This is in lieu of the 365 days that we attempted last year and made it about 5 days; actually Alec did a much better job with it than we did. In any case, we are doing the 52 blessings which in short is a photo a week of something that you are grateful for.

First week for us: the aforementioned expired epi pens. I know I mentioned that I was not quite ready for a party but none the less I am incredibly thankful that we just expired another set.

This week: Asmanex. Last winter at this time Alec had been on the nebulizer two times a day almost every day for months, we were in and out of the pediatrician almost once a week and had an ER visit in the middle of the night because he could not breathe. Since breathing issues tend to progressively get worse until the early teen years we were told that last winter would be a good indicator of our future winters. That is, until our super-smart pediatrician started Alec on Asmanex. So far this winter... NO nebulizer (or nebby-neb as Alec calls it), and no doctors visits since the 4-year check up. I know, I know, knock on wood now but so far this has really been our miracle drug.


Public School #1


In preparation for the fall school year (kindergarten) we have to decide where Alec is going to school. Not only do we have all the normal worries of parents sending our only child off into the hands of people that we don't know but, we also have the nut allergy safety issue to deal with. So, in typical Laura/Averill fashion we are doing research - endless of course. And, in that is stopping by each of the potential schools to get a feel for them and the principal. Once we get our decision down to the top 2 or 3, we will then start delving into the very specific allergy information. But, for now, we are just stopping by to get a "vibe" and to observe. Yesterday was public school #1.


1. Loved the principal - she totally rocked. She stood outside (29 degrees yesterday)and greeted each and every student BY NAME as they stepped off the bus. I stood there with her and watched 4 bus loads of kids and she did not miss one of them. She encouraged me not only to sit in on a kindergarten class but to sit in on all 4 teachers. She said that since I know my child best I could essentially pick which teacher I thought he would do best with. And, we had a very high-level discussion surrounding the peanut allergy and she seemed knowledgeable and confident that they manage it well (they currently have 2 PA children in pre-school).

2. The vice principal wore way too much perfume. Like knock-you-over-as-you-enter-the-office too much. I left with a headache

3. Very little cultural diversity at this school. I wonder how much of this I will see as I wander around

4. All the kids as they got off the bus had their backpacks on the front of their bodies. At first I just thought it was a couple of kids but as I started really watching it was almost every one of them. Is this an elementary school trend? Is it because they can sit on the bus with them like that? Is it just this school? Very strange.


So close now.


We are close - so close to getting it done. Of course, as with any home improvement there were challenges. Like the old popcorn on the celling peeling off as soon as I rolled a coat of primer on. What is a good paint job without stripping it off and re-doing it anyway?

Our shelves are hung and we have about 90% of the flooring laid. This is just leftover from our kitchen reno and easily our most favorite part. The floor goes in very quickly, looks fantastic and we love all the great cork properties (warmth being the most important now). Just some trim and 2 outlets and the project will be done!


Hold still little orange.


I have heard that people have parties every year when they expire another unused Epi Pen. I guess I am not quite there yet. Not that I am not happy about another Epi I have not used. I guess at this point a party seems a bit, shall we say, over the top. Nothing about those self-injectors makes me want to throw down.

At the encouragement of others what we did do is use an orange to practice on. Although, I have a hard time believing that impaling a helpless orange to get the "feel for it" will hardly prepare us for that dreaded moment when we have to hold our child down and inject him praying that we are not just a few seconds too late.


Kicken' It Old Skool.


What would New Years Eve be without...

Horton Hears a Who
Sham WOW Demonstrations

Family & Friends
And a visit from "Vanilla Latte" (the rapper formerly known as Drew)

Happy 2009 All!

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