52 Blessings: Week 4


Socially Conscious Friends.

It is so nice to have friends and family that are interested in the greater good. Averill and I are blessed with so many people in our lives that not only talk about but DO things to make a difference. The other night on Diane's birthday we all watched the video Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore put together in the spirit of change. We made our own, here they are...

-I pledge to purchase no more bottled water
-I pledge to mentor
-I pledge to convert all my lights from incandescent to CF bulbs
-I pledge to cycle to work 3 x each week during cycling season

-I pledge to be kind to myself
-I pledge to only buy green cleaning and bath products
-I pledge to grow vegetables in my yard
-I pledge to insulate the house and install a white roof
-I pledge to move from "I want" to "I need"

-I pledge to use no more plastic bags from stores
-I pledge to compost
-I pledge to be kind to myself
-I pledge to support local farms and businesses & to start a garden

-I pledge to speak up and assert myself when I would normally be silent
-I pledge to finish unfinished projects
-I pledge to convert all incandescent's to CF bulbs

There they are; some easy, some hard. We each attempted to list a change that would be easy to do and a change that would be harder, one that pushed us out of our comfort zone.

What about you all? Do you want to join us? Watch the video and make your own pledge. As a family we can support each other. What's your pledge?


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