Private Schools #1 and #2.


I mentioned before that we are "shopping" for kindergartens. Last week we looked at our first two private schools.

Private School #1 observations:

1. Expensive

2. Very "soft" with regards to structure. The kids can participated in a variety of activities all at varying times. For example, they can visit the school library whenever they choose and as often as they want. Most schools have a library time once a week.

3. The principal was very eager to show off the school and classrooms even though I came unannounced but seemed to have a vague idea as to how each class was run.

4. The kindergarten class has 2 teachers and 1 parent volunteer every day. With only 25 children in the class that is a great teacher to student ratio.

5. Allergy at first glance - the principal seemed to be sure that it would be a non issue with regards to accommodations and believes that the very close knit parent structure would be an asset.

My gut on this school: I like the structure and "feel" here but like the principal at Public School #1 the best.

Private School #2: observations:

Not even worth mentioning, I did not like this school from the moment I walked in.


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