Public School #1


In preparation for the fall school year (kindergarten) we have to decide where Alec is going to school. Not only do we have all the normal worries of parents sending our only child off into the hands of people that we don't know but, we also have the nut allergy safety issue to deal with. So, in typical Laura/Averill fashion we are doing research - endless of course. And, in that is stopping by each of the potential schools to get a feel for them and the principal. Once we get our decision down to the top 2 or 3, we will then start delving into the very specific allergy information. But, for now, we are just stopping by to get a "vibe" and to observe. Yesterday was public school #1.


1. Loved the principal - she totally rocked. She stood outside (29 degrees yesterday)and greeted each and every student BY NAME as they stepped off the bus. I stood there with her and watched 4 bus loads of kids and she did not miss one of them. She encouraged me not only to sit in on a kindergarten class but to sit in on all 4 teachers. She said that since I know my child best I could essentially pick which teacher I thought he would do best with. And, we had a very high-level discussion surrounding the peanut allergy and she seemed knowledgeable and confident that they manage it well (they currently have 2 PA children in pre-school).

2. The vice principal wore way too much perfume. Like knock-you-over-as-you-enter-the-office too much. I left with a headache

3. Very little cultural diversity at this school. I wonder how much of this I will see as I wander around

4. All the kids as they got off the bus had their backpacks on the front of their bodies. At first I just thought it was a couple of kids but as I started really watching it was almost every one of them. Is this an elementary school trend? Is it because they can sit on the bus with them like that? Is it just this school? Very strange.


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