Pizza Please.


In Alec’s kindergarten class they have been learning about money and the value of the various coins in our monetary system: penny, nickel, dime and quarters; then how to count the money. We have been loosely giving Alec an allowance of $3/week over the past few months so he could buy the small things he wants, and to begin appreciating the value of saving up his money for the items he wants. He has a bank for savings, and a bank for checking if you will. We advise him to take $1 of the $3 to go in his savings, and keep the remaining $2 in his checking bank. This applies whenever he gets a monetary gift or if he chooses to sell any of his toys to put a small amount in the savings. Since this is Alec’s money, he can buy pretty much whatever he wants. He had saved up about $30 and was craving some Papa John’s Pizza for dinner one night, so Laura and I told him, since we had not planned on eating out tonight, if he wants pizza, he has to buy it himself; and so he did. As seen in the photo, Alec purchased his first Papa John’s pizza and insisted that we all eat it for dinner. He was very proud of himself for providing dinner for the family himself. In addition to the experience/practice of counting the money for the pizza and counting the change back from the $11 he gave the cashier ($10.60 - thanks Papa Johns for the $10 deals), Alec also learned the value of contributing towards the daily dinner process. Nice work Alec!


So much since we last posted.


We have done so many things since we were last together. I hope to get more consistent in my postings again but for now, a recap will have to do.

We have been to Florida,

dressed up like Ninja's,

and played at the beach.

We celebrated a 37th birthday with friends, cupcakes, wine margaritas, and
my new love, Jacob Black!

And, of course, the Easter Bunny made her annual appearance.
See, I told you, busy-busy.


Earth Day 2010.


I have to apologize for being gone so long, busy life got in the way. To get back into the swing of things easily I thought I would share an awesome quote to celebrate Earth Day today.

"The only measure by which we will be judged by the people who come after is the health of the land base, because that is what is going to support them. They are not going to give a shit whether or not we were pacifists; they are not going to give a shit if we supported Israel or we didn't support Israel; whether we voted green or democrat or republican or not at all. What they are going to care about is whether they can drink the water, whether they can breathe the air, whether the land can support them." -Derrick Jensen

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