Wait... which way is North?


We celebrated a gorgeous weekend in our secret spot on the mighty Wicomico.
We played in the warm water,
enjoyed the very low key waves,
and grilled some burgers and dogs.

And, without cell phones or watches Ave and I channeled our inner survivor skills and attempted to figure out what time it was by a discussion of shadows, the equator, and how the sun moves in the sky (I know, we are super cool). Since we are so skilled at surviving out in the wild without technology we decided to build a small, efficient sundial...
Then we remembered we had no idea how sundials really work (I should shouldn't point out here that my bachelors degree is in an Earth Science field and I should technically know how to do this stuff). Anyway, Ave's attempt was the clock, mine was the little lines in the shadow. Ultimately we had to go back to the car to find out what time it was (4:00pm). We got it really wrong, or really close I suppose, if you are a half-full kind of person.

Survivorman here we come!


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