Park #2: Epcot


Our intent was to go back to The Magic Kingdom for a second day but instead opted for Epcot. We didn't even make it back into the worlds because there was so much to see in the front area.

We visited with Nemo, participated in Turtle Talk with Crush, and watched a pool of sting rays...

There was a waste management section with a real truck and these little recycling carts that Alec loved. For a kid fascinated with garbage and who swears he is going to be a garbage man this was super fun for him.

Before lunch we ran through some ground sprinklers...

Then it was up into the big dome for Spaceship Earth where we learned about our technology history and made some funny pictures...

We watched our second 4D movie of the trip, "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" which I have to say was much scarier than the unbelievable "Mickeys Philharmagic" in The Magic Kingdom.

And lastly, we rode the highlight of both parks combined. The GM Test Track. You get in this little car where they run you through a series of auto "tests"(and, yes, I know that is not us in the car). Brakes, steering, and hot and cold chambers are all checked out in a herky-jerky roller coaster like ride. Then they test your acceleration by launching you into a set of large wooden doors that open just at the last minute then propel you outside onto a circular track where you hit a maximum speed of 65 mph. For this family of daredevils - we all loved it. Alec rode in the front with Grandpa and Grammy and had an ear to ear grin on his face the entire ride. Averill and I are so looking forward to years of roller coaster riding ahead of us!

Next up... Gatorland!


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