Day 2: Florida


The second full day in Florida bought us some time at our house to just enjoy the amazing pool and company. My Dad and Moe came to spend three days with us so we got to catch up and relax.

This day was again a constant reminder of the awesome peeps in our life. My Dad has this relaxed-don't worry-you are doing fine - the choice will come kind of attitude which is really good for two people who tend to spend most of our decision making time in "analysis paralysis". When ever we get caught between the move, take the BIG trip, move, school, move, get a dog decisions he is a great one to call on. And Moe, intense, fun and a woman who lives and breathes protectiveness and loyalty, when someone is wronging you - she is the one to talk to. She will stand by your side and fight to the death with you - just exactly what you need when you need a good bitch session!

Alec's favorite thing to do on this trip: swim.

Epcot up next...


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