The Last day of Florida


Our last day in Florida was mixture of relaxation and excitement with the underlying twist of sadness that our fantastic vacation was coming to an end. In the morning we got up and went to Downtown Disney where we did a bit of shopping. The highlight was the gigantic Lego store. Just outside there were these huge statutes made entirely of Legos - very impressive.

After we were done shopping we went back to our house where we met up with two of our most favorite people ever - Blair and Cem.

Alec then got to do his most anticipated event of the week...

That's right, Alec's favorite car is a Corvette and when he found out that Blair and Cem were bringing theirs for him to ride in - OH WOW, the anticipation was almost more that he could handle. Look at that, he can hardly see over the dash and he was still grinning from ear to ear. Ave and Alec took turns riding and Ave even got to drive for a bit. The last time I went for a ride there was a bit of police action involved (thanks Cem) so this time I passed.

We are bummed our vacation is over but so happy that we got to go at all. Talk of moving to Florida has just about dominated our conversations since we have been back. We have even spent some time house and job shopping. Maybe, maybe, this time next year, we will be doing our vacations here on the eastern shore instead of the other way around.


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