Easter Pizza Shortbread Cookies?


Easter started a bit early in our house. Today we made Easter Pizza Shortbread Cookies. Which, until we started, Alec was a bit unsure that this would be as good as promised. As with any good pizza we started with a nice "sauce"...
added our toppings...

then gave it a taste. Woohoo, that was delicious!

Then just as we were finishing cleaning the kitchen the mail lady stopped by with a package for Alec. A basket from Grammy and Grandpa! Alec was beside himself...

He was so excited, there was some chalk and a magnifying glass that we promptly took outside to use for "exploring". A scientist on our hands? I suppose it would not be a surprise given our family.

There was also a new Lego set in the basket. Wow, this boy could not be happier. What good grandparents to send a basket with toys - you guys ROCK!
Since our long weekend of fun has already started, Happy Easter to you all, enjoy your family time.


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