Dentist & the Peanut Allergic.


Yes, you read that right - that a peanut allergy impacts us even at the dentist. After talking to the dentist and hygenist and confirming that all the stuff going into his mouth was safe (there are some toothpastes that use nut oils) we had a great trip. Alec actually loved it and has asked multiple times if we will take him back. He was so good and easy about it all that they even took bite-wing x-rays which they normally don't attempt until kids are 6 years old.

All was good, no cavaties, no gum problems, and the tooth spacing is good for when the adult teeth come in. Woohoo! A kid who likes the dentist, hard to believe but in our case, very true!


Shelby April 21, 2009 at 6:17 PM  

I am so proud of Alec! I had little ...ooh what? 7 year hiatus from the dentist out of laziness and then no health care for a bit. But mostly laziness. I've never had a cavity, you see. But OH LORD when I did go back they had to numb my gums just to get me through the cleaning. Now I go every 6 months, but I still have a hard time being in the seat. Please tell Alec he's my dental hero.

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