Private School #3


To continue with our "school shopping" here are the observations with Private School #3:

1. Operates on a half-day schedule with the option to stay all day
2. Very knowledgeable when it comes to the peanut allergy and how to manage it
3. Great student - teacher ratio (15 students to one teacher and one parent volunteer)
4. Fairly close drive for us
5. reasonably priced

I really like this school however, the one negative is that kindergarten is the last grade there. So, he would be moving from where he is now to the new school then after kindergarten to yet another school. It is hard for me to remember back in the kindergarten/first grade years but we moved during this time and if I recall correctly I was devastated. How much will a move to a new school for kindergarten then yet another for 1st impact him? Hard to say I suppose.

On top of the school shopping I have just finished two books, Brain Rules by John Medina, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and am in the middle of The Trouble with Boys by Peg Tyre, and each of them say the same thing: traditional school is one of the worst places for kids (boys and girls) to actually learn. GREAT, now what?


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