Out of his Mouth.


As a kid, I remember picking up the obligatory Readers Digest that was always available at whatever doctors office, auto shop, or random waiting room we were in. Every time I would flip to that section that listed funny and embarrassing things children said and I would crack up. After Alec was born I remember thinking about that column and wondering if he would do that - say really funny, strange, or totally embarrassing things. And, would I even notice, hear or remember them? Well my friends, it is happening, we are noticing, remembering, and it is just getting more funny as we go!

It started on March 17th while we were sitting the Charlotte airport waiting to board our flight. We were coming home from our trip to Florida. As you know, we spent the week with Jeff and Laurie - a very pregnant Laurie. Off and on through the week we had discussions with Alec about the baby growing in Laurie's tummy. Well, while we were sitting in that airport a man walked up next to us to look out the window at the airplanes. Alec looks over at him, notices his very pronounced and perfectly round beer-belly, points to him and says to everyone within ear shot...

"Mommy look! He has a baby growing in his belly just like Laurie!"

I stood in shocked silence - mouth hanging open, while Averill turned around attempting to curtail his laughter. The man, clearly exercising his dignity, or maybe just had kids himself and understood this stage, turned, looked at Alec and just walked away without saying a word.

We just about died.


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