Williamsburg - the rest of the week.


The bulk of our week in Williamsburg was spent swimming in the pool and at Watercountry which Alec LOVED. Not really into the rollercoasters but it turns out that the bigger the water-slide the better. He was even willing to wait in lines that exceeded 30 minutes just for the thrill of a 30 second slide!

Outside of the standard parks & history there were two other really notable places we visited. The first, The Yankee Candle Store. I know, not a place you would expect either Ave or I to step foot into but, after dinner one night it was right there and for whatever reason we walked in. Wow, it was actually amazing. The store was like a big plaza with smaller stores off in each direction. Each smaller store was a theme, the home store, the toy store, the candle store, etc. And in each store there were activities for kids. The hit? The Christmas store - trains, Santa's workshop and every 5 minutes it snowed! Not just blown paper but real, cold, icy snow. The boy loved it. It is hard to see in this photo but if you were standing in the snowy areas you could actually get really covered!

The last place we should note is one of the restaurants we visited. In our standard - going out of town - eating safely regimen we emailed Food For Thought prior to leaving to ask about their menu, food preparation, and nut contamination policy. The owner/restaurant manager wrote back to me immediately. His response started like this "We take this VERY seriously and honestly, food allergies scare me to death so we will make it safe for your child to enjoy your meal." and went on from there. He outlined their menu and how they prevent cross contamination. It is rare that we go to any restaurant that actually serves food with nuts but not only did we try this place but loved the service. Everyone there was knowledgeable and took the allergy very seriously. All Alec's food was prepared in a separate kitchen space with cleaned utensils and staff that wore rubber gloves. It was just about the best eating out experience we have had. If you are in Williamsburg please try them out.

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naen,  August 28, 2009 at 6:11 PM  

Yeah! Somebody GETS it!

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